Joyce Akinyi arraigned in court

A kenyan woman Joyce Akinyi was arrested on Friday for drug possession. The woman was arrested in her hotel room in the late hours of the night. The woman was arrested in Nairobi Westlands area. The Narcotics trafficking is a multi-billion dollar industry. drugs are peddled across the world as authorities try to cub the illicit trade.

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Akinyi was today arraigned  in court. the woman is not a stranger in the court of law as she has been arrested several times before for drug related charges. Akinyi was married to a Nigerian businessman with whom they had two children. They later divorced in 2009 in an ugly public row. The man, Chinedu presented claims that Akinyi has been unfaithful and deserts their matrimonial home.

Akinyi has several pending court cases. The case is however set to begin on a later date with the third suspect still on the run. The police are still trailing for more information that could help the case.

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