Bad news, Alex Mwakideu hospitalized

Popular Milele FM radio presenter Alex Mwakideu shared sad news to his fans today in the morning that he had been hospitalized at Agakhan Hospital and he won’t be able to show up in the morning show.


“Mwili Umekataa! Shetani Ashindwe! Am in Hospital. I’ll be back! In the Meantime…Kwa Aminia, Ukiwa na Chris Da Bass Huwezi Umia…. Thank you my Brother! Unaipigaaaaaaa! Mpe hi kakangu Jalas,” he said.


His co-host Jalango also confirmed the news on his instagram and twitter

“Good morning!! My brother Alex Mwakideu is not feeling well…so I will be holding the fort this morning! Later Chrisoo1ke will join me!” he said.

We us Kenpoa we wish him a quick recovery.

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