Check photos of ‘Mbigijii Imekulwa na Ndogii’ cute girl and Ochungulo family

After a  viral audio went online of a Meru girl saying Mbigijii imekulwa na Ndogii,which inspired Ochungulo Family music group to create a song about it.

The Gengetone Artists took it on social media to share great news that they have finally met the girl behind there song and her name is Happy.


Wolaaaan!! We managed to get a hold of the little girl who’s voice eclipsed into the Mbinginji viral audio… She traveled all the way from Meru to meet @ochungulo_family .. it was a pleasure & her story is soo touching and guess what!!Her name is Happiness… Quite the talented young soul!! And you know you gotta appreciate people that have brought a smile or just made you happy in one way or another. Thus, We decided as @ochungulo_family to pay for her school fees for the next one year,and as the saying goes, educate a girl, and you impact an entire community& also support the family as much as we can. If you like to help for this cause feel free to contact us.
All in all it was a pleasure to meet her & her family.


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