Esther Arunga makes a court confession against Quincy Timberlake

Former TV star Esther Arunga hit the headlines when she was linked to a religious cult. Esther would soon proceed to marry her husband Quincy Timberlake amidst opposition from her parents. Esther left our TV screens and moved to Australia with her husband. The couple lost their eldest son in June 2014, something that changed their lives for good.

The Australian government has been actively pursuing a case to find out what really happened to the child. According to the family, the child was fell down the stairs so they put him to bed. The autopsy performed on the the young boy shows that he died from blows to his belly.

Esther Arunga,

In court, Esther confirmed that her husband beat their so to remove evil spirits. Her confession does not exonerate her from the crime. The court had earlier on ruled that she should not leave the country. Following her confession, she faces up to thirty years in jail for being an accessory to murder.

Quincy Timberlake is in a mental facility serving his time while receiving treatment. The duo will be facing jail terms with their younger child in child protection services. The unfortunate turn of events is a bold lesson for Esther who purportedly found love.

Subsequently, Esther has changed her name from Esther Arunga to Chrysllerte Provvydence and works as a storekeeper. Esther awaits her sentencing on Thursday when the court will deliver the ruling.

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