Ezekiel Mutua is now looking for pastor Ng’ang’a

In an interview with NTV Ezekiel Mutua who is the CEO of Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) made it clear that he is looking for Pastor Ng’ang’a and he has already tried to reach to people who know him.

This comes after, the Neno Evangelism Pastor video clips going viral for the wrong reasons.

 “I have reached out to pastors who know pastor Ngángá, in fact, I am personally looking for him just to tell him that he didn’t come to where he is because of these theatrics,” said Dr. Mutua.

He added

“Our call was just a warning shot to say this drama may look popular, you might trend look popular and attract crazy people who will come to church on because they want drama on Sunday people are bored and they don’t want  boring sermons they want crazy person who plays guitar and sing crazy songs,”he said.


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