KOT Reacts to Linda Nyangweso’s trolls

KOT is not happy with the way people have been trolling Linda Nyangweso. The talented show host and radio presenter recently had her baby, and people can not seem to leave her alone. Negative comments on her weight are too familiar to her.

Linda got backlash from the very first picture that went up on social media. Starting her career as a gossip show presenter at Kiss 100 introduced her to the limelight. In addition to people hating her, she now has to watch people troll her loved ones.

Ms Nyangweso surrounds herself with caring and supporting people, including her husband. The bullies have found their way to his social media and keep on sharing their unsolicited views about her weight.

Linda is proud of her body, and she has never been afraid to flaunt it n her Instagram. The beautiful mum is never scared to be who she is despite all the negative comments. In a recent interview, Linda holds no grudge with her haters. She continues to add that bullies need love. She also says that blocking off all negative people from her social media helps her deal with her trolls.

In addition to trolling her, some go as far as attacking her baby. It has been tough for the radio queen to deal with her weight. She recounts how she struggles with her weight since she was a child. Subsequently, she expects backlash every time she posts a picture of herself.

In her younger days, Linda would eat in the toilet to avoid negative comments. Linda Nyangweso keeps from people with negative vibes to keep herself going.

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