Shiyenze scam comes to light

We all have seen pitiful stories of people going around begging for money to pay for medical bills. Cancer has been draining pockets of many Kenyans. Recently there was a story going round on social media about a popular designer Khasoha Shiyenze battling cancer. The shiyenze scam is the latest story to hit headlines after milking dry poor Kenyans who came out to help.

Shiyenze fashions

Khasoha Shiyenze a Nairobi based business woman and fashion designer is the latest con in town. She has collected over Ksh 2.5 million from people. In the spirit of contribution, Kenyans have been wiring her money through a paybill number and even buying clothes from her fashion line. In addition to the massive social media mobilization to raise funds, her brand has a special collection to support her cancer fund drive.

Shiyenze scam

The woman reportedly had ovarian cancer which recurred. In addition too her lies, she has been rallying people to gain their trust as well as support. She blames contraceptives for her alleged predicament. Kenyans are angered by her dishonorable actions.


Subsequently, the director of Shiyenze fashions is yet to issue a statement on the matter. People throng her social media accounts to expose the fraud. Many express the utter disgust of her actions for literary being the girl that cried wolf. Moreover, many had fell victims out of pity for the young woman.

To say the least, it is unthinkable that an owner of such a great fashion brand can lie to the public to defraud them of some petty cash.

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