You are not my type governor, Zari denies having a crush on Sonko

Zari Hassan recently after admitting to have a crush on Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko she has now denied the claims.

Previously In an interview that was in SA, here is what the socialite confessed

“I want to reveal my love for the handsome Nairobi governor Mike Sonko. He is the man I have secretly admired for a long time. I love this handsome governor because he is a man of impeccable character and passionate convictions. He is not as boyish as the other kid who has been chasing me around.” said Zari in a radio interview in South Africa

Now Zari Hassan has come out clearly saying she didn’t say any of those words

“This nonsense from this man should stop. No, I have no crush on you, never met you or anything. Please let me be. . you are not my type governor.” she posted. 


If it was not Zari, then who said it  ???

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